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Traffic Sources for Gambling

To any online casino owner, it is of importance to maintain a positive return on investment. To do this, they have to examine and chose a traffic source that meets their ambition. Therefore, choosing the right affiliate marketer is one thing every casino wants to achieve, an affiliate who will not only drive traffic but recruit quality gamers. While there are several sources of traffic for gambling, it is beneficial for casinos to be diverse, if possible, to invest in all the sources. All factors constant, the following are the traffic sources for gambling:

Click-under and Pop-under

This is one source that generates immense traffic for gambling. Besides, it is one of the cheapest. Therefore, online casinos can maintain a very high ROI through this source. If you have been wondering where to generate high-quality traffic at an affordable cost, try Click-under and Pop-under.


Applications do not source traffic directly. It is a way of converting traffic from other sources. For example, you can use social media platforms to post an advert about these applications. It is from the applications that the players will be able to access online gambling sites. In other words, applications make gambling as easy as playing through smartphones. Additionally, notifications on phones about these apps always remind the gamblers about them.


Telegram offers two flexible ways to drive gambling traffic. First, you can drive traffic from social media platforms, then to the telegram channel, and finally to the lading page. The second way is to purchase posts from owners of reputable channels. This way, your advert will reach a wide range of population, and you may drive quality traffic.


While Facebook bans most gambling adverts, you can still maneuver your way through. To drive traffic through Facebook, you can either advertise applications that lead to gambling sites or use several accounts at once. However, you need to very careful while doing this since Facebook rarely accepts anything to do with gambling.

Traffic From Their Sites

Even though it required too much work, it is worth trying. To use this method, you need good content on your site. However, this method is not guaranteed. You still need to be careful and always have a second plan if it fails.


Traffic is essential to any online casino. To maintain a positive ROI, quality traffic needs to be stable. For this reason, affiliate marketers have a part to play. If you are looking for where to generate traffic, check the above sources.

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