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Top Ideas to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Easily Without a Website

Do you intend to earn money via affiliate marketing, but you do not own a site? Well, the following are ideas that can generate money before you build a website:

Start A YouTube Channel

If you compare the amount of traffic a YouTube channel drives with other search engines, you will realize it is easier to attract more traffic on YouTube. For this reason, you can make loads of cash by endorsing affiliate marketing platforms through a YouTube channel. All you need to do is build an energetic audience and put your affiliate marketing links. Developing an audience is what may make earning for YouTube a challenge since it is not instant. Additionally, you need to be extremely cautious with the kind of affiliate marketing products you promote since any simple mistake can make your channel to be banned.

Create A Viral Content

If you can create viral content online, be it videos or pictures, you have the potential of earning big from it. The trick is to include the affiliate programs in the videos to get commissions on any purchase made. Creating viral content, however, is not a breeze. It needs investment in quality videos, pictures, and content that your audience can relate with. Quality content will gain more traffic and earn through the affiliate links you put in it.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is another option to do marketing without having to own a website. However, for you to succeed here, you need to build an audience first. If you are an influencer, this may be another opportunity to make more money since the affiliate networks will automatically seek your services.

Posting Links In Forums And Groups

As an individual, you probably have a social group in which you share ideas and play. Regardless of the purpose of the forum, you can post affiliate marketing links and ask the members to click. However, random posting may get you into problems with the admins of the group. Therefore, it is advisable to seek permission before you post one. Moreover, stick to the rules even after securing the chance. This method, however, may not earn you so much money compared to other means.


It may be easier to do affiliate marketing with a website. However, it is not a mandatory requirement to succeed in it. Other methods, such as the ones above, can earn money without owning a site.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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